April 10, 2010

Islam - Just Another Part of the World Community? I doubt it!

Islam would like to portray itself as simply another part of the world community but is it? Can this really be said (if you're going to be honest about this issue)?

There is nothing wrong with Islam. Muslims are wonderful people same as anyone else. The problem is with the devout Muslims who migrate to western nations with the specific intent of improving their lives. In fact, I can only see that as a blatant lie.

Can one claim to be seeking a better life when they migrate to another place while insisting on carrying every single piece of baggage, under which they had been burdened at home, to their new home? When they move to non-Islamic nations and want to live the same way they did at home? They want to carry their old fights and customs - all the things that stood in the way of a good life. Arabs and Muslims, almost universally, hate Jews and Israel. They migrate and then have their same old fight in their new home. Take the incident, in 2002, where Benjamin Netanyahu (current Israeli prime minister) was to speak at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. (Pro-)Palestinian protesters succeeded, through violent clashes in illegal actions called "protests", in having the speaking engagement cancelled.

More recently, The UK Daily Mail reported, on April 8, 2010; "A young Muslim woman, in Australia, died after her burkha got caught in the wheels of a go-kart she was driving." Well ... what was she doing driving a go-kart while dressed so inappropriately. Can you imagine the fuss if she had been asked to remove the garment in the name of safety? We may certainly assume she would be alive today ... and suing the operator for what we now know would have been an act of saving her life.

To me, the question of face covering is the perfect proof for my contention that Muslims don't want to integrate. They come with the intent of being a community unto themselves - to extract as much as they can in accordance with laws and customs (and even local laws and customs don't always matter) but don't want to be part of that community. (Sorry - taking welfare or even earning your own living is not being part of society.)

What they clearly do not accept (in spite of the reality) is that social services are provided to individuals. Photo IDs be they for a driver's licence, bus pass or health card are issued to individuals. Even library cards are issued to an individual. They are not issued to Muslims, Jews, Christians, or any people of any particular colour - they are issued to individuals. If a woman in a burkha wishes to use a bus pass she MUST remove her face covering to obtain the pass (for a picture) and must expose her face to the driver to prove it is her pass. In fact, I would go further and suggest that to use any public service, be it a bus or even a library ... to take advantage of any service provided by public funds - those services must be taken in a manner which conforms to the norms of the society providing them.

To further support my contention that Islam is not a member of the world community and never will be: there are calls in varying degrees, within most western styled nations, for Sharia law. If they think this system is ideal - I am okay with that. Why, though, did they migrate away from the home where Islam rules law ... and to countries where the norms do not match their values?

In May of 2009, according to homeoverseas.co.uk, France accepted, into law, "Islamic Finance". Is this special for Muslims who migrated to France looking for a better life? According to Brussels Journal (as well as Daily Mail and many other online sources), "Islamic sharia courts in Britain are now 'legally binding'." The German media organization, Bild, reported in May of 2009; that "Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble in a report warns Islamic groups want Sharia law in Germany." This is interesting since, in March of 2007, it was reported that "... the ruling of a judge in a German court cited the Koran in her rejection of a Muslim woman's request for a divorce...."

With the lack of acceptance of cultural norms and the insistence of the imposition of foreign (Islamic) laws into local (secular) laws it clearly points to a people looking to accomplish one of two things. That is to a) live as a community within another without becoming part of that community (to suck off a successful society while giving nothing back) or b) to spread their own culture as a dominant, replacement culture" (since Islam, by its very nature [in my opinion] cannot survive as a subservient culture or law).

Take your pick - you decide what you think is the truth but the suggestion that Muslims migrate to western nations to improve their lives is a lie - plain and simple! To suggest that most Muslims disagree with fundamentalism is a bigger lie. Squeaks from a small, though courageous, minority of Muslims speaking out against radical Islam doesn't change the fact. There are just too many inconsistencies to believe in the benevolence of Islam at large (unless, that is, you're the "right" kind of Muslim - or willing to convert).

Addendum: The Associated Press reported that an Iranian cleric blames promiscuous (including inappropriately dressed) women for earthquakes. While most educated people would be quick to dismiss this is insanity (or, perhaps, simply stupidity) this only serves to further separate Muslims from the world at large. Those ignorant enough to buy into and spread such nonsense cause Islam and its followers to live in a society distinct from the mainstream giving themselves no route to be part of and cooperate with the rest of the world and to blame contemporary society for natural disasters suggesting, in consequence, that if they can change the world to fit their rather nutty model they will be safe from nature.
April 19, 2010

Addendum: The Associated Press reported that the Pakistani government has taken steps to separate its citizens from the rest of the world by blocking access to such popular websites as Facebook and YouTube. While many will still find their way into these sites, this clearly shows institutional Islam's desire to separate themselves from the world at large.
May 20, 2010

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