It's All Lies is a personal blog ... my "opinions" ... my "views". This is where I come to do my crabbing. While I may, at a later date, accept comments; at this time the best I can say is, "If you don't like what I'm saying, write your own blog!" Nobody's stopping you but fact is, I really don't care if you agree with me or not. This blog is not a democracy - it's my own, personal place to be offensive (if you're offended, that is).

You may find me unduly cynical - tough luck! You want to take pot-shots at me? Go ahead. Register a domain, buy hosting and open your own blog, or use a public, free blog site - what ever - I don't care.

You will find reference to one of my favourite books - the dictionary. It will often be Webster's New Dictionary only because this is the one that is handily on my desk (along with a 1995 release of Webser's New Thesaurus. It is not that I favour these particular releases or publishers. It is merely because these are close at hand. If a source for definitions is not cited it will generally be "Webster's New Dictionary", Promotional Sales Books, Inc, 1994.

Have fun reading (or don't). It's all good ... but it's really all about (what I believe are) the lies we hear every day.

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